template-engine-featuresTemplate Engine

One of our primary design goals is to facilitate the separation of application code from presentation. Typically, the application code contains the business logic of our application, written and maintained in PHP code. This code is maintained by programmers. The presentation is the way your content is presented to the end user, which is written and maintained in template files. The templates are maintained by template designers.

At its most basic function, the application code collects content, assigns it to the template engine and displays it. The content might be something like the headline, tagline, author and body of a newspaper article. The application code has no concern how this content will be presented in the template.

The template designer is responsible for the presentation. They edit the template files, adding mark-up and bringing it to completion. This typically involves things like HTML tags, cascading style sheets and other tools provided by the template engine.

This paradigm serves several purposes: