Standalone, WordPress or Joomla


IXXO Cart is definitely the top product in this segment and it allows you to fully exploit all the benefits of the online trade and make the profit with minimal investments in space and equipment. IXXO Cart comes in 3 different editions and 3 different packages with different set of features.

IXXO Cart for Joomla Platform

This edition of IXXO Cart comes as a component for Joomla 2.5 and 3.1. It can be fully integrated into any Joomla website and it is fully adaptable to any website style or joomla template. The IXXO Cart for Joomla edition operates ONLY under Joomla websites and it comes in 3 different packages with different set of features. The Basic, Plus and Multi-Vendor.

IXXO Cart for WordPress Platform

IXXO Cart for WordPress is actually a WordPress Plugin that gives you the same e-commerce trading platform as the Joomla Edition but it works ONLY under any WordPress website. The IXXO Cart for Joomla WordPress Plugin is available in 2 different packages with different set of features. The Plus and Multi-Vendor.

IXXO Cart Standalone Platform

The IXXO Cart Standalone Platform is an e-commerce trade platform that doesn't require any kind of a third party environment, such as joomla or wordpress, in order to become operational. It has its own templates and CMS and it covers everything from design to functional components. It comes in 2 services packages: Plus and Multi-Vendor.

All three IXXO Cart Platforms are basically the same in terms of features and functionality and the only difference is in the platform they are using.

The first version is made for Joomla; the second for WordPress and the third version is fully independent and is a platform of its own. Since these three options are the most popular on the web when it comes to the online trading, it is clear that all of the possibilities are well covered.

The three IXXO Cart editions, IXXO Cart Basic, IXXO Cart Plus and IXXO Multi Vendor, are specially designed to provide comfortable trading on three different levels.