Mobile Optimized Templateresponsive template

The design of any website can be pretty tricky operation if you follow the standard rules concerning the screen resolution. Since the modern times have brought all sorts of displays which use different resolution there could be a lot of problems with displaying the content of your website on the resolutions that are not usual for those devices. This becomes increasingly important in the last few years since the mobile phones became also connected to the internet. It brought several new operating systems and the displays that are completely different than those used with the PC and laptop technology.

The only answer to these changes is using fully responsive templates when creating your website as they are able to scale the size of your website pages to fit any resolution. Now, why is this so important when it comes to the IXXO Cart? The answer is simple. We offer the fully responsive templates within our products and this is one of the strongest points of our offer when it comes to visual appearance.

All e-commerce websites made by using our Standalone IXXO Cart are scalable and they will be displayed properly on any device, regardless of the screen resolution or the operating system your customers use. This will for sure keep them interested in your offer and they will not leave the e-shop only because they couldn't see properly what you have to show.

The same stands for our IXXO Cart Joomla component and WordPress template. Simply all our products are made in such a way that the troubles with this issue are simply non-existent.

This approach gives you the opportunity to reach those customers who are using their smartphones to make online orders and their numbers are rapidly increasing so this is a very important segment of the e-commerce.