Marketing Tools

IXXO Products are designed to make use of the various web marketing tools available. We have also developed our own marketing tools, for example the Facebook Shop, which can be used to maximise your market reach and promote your products and services easily.


Ever wondered how to easily get your items on to Google Products? The answer is simple - IXXO Cart, Plus and Multi Vendor all have built in Google integration, allowing you to instantly publish items to Google Products!

Also, by integrating with Google Analytics, you are able to gather statistics and data on your site visits, conversion rates and much more - giving you the information you need to drive up sales. Of course, it goes without saying that we have also built in full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in to our carts, so you know you will have the best chances to rank highly.

Facebook Store

What is Facebook Shop? IXXO has created a break through Facebook application that is designed to allow your customers to browse and buy your products within Facebook! The best part is getting you products over to Facebook could not be easier, just a single click will publish each product or category to the Facebook store.


Helps manage orders, customers, payment processing, inventory, purchasing, receiving, picking & packing, shipping, returns & exchanges, and much more.

The Stone Edge Order Manager is a complete "back end" system for managing the day-to-day operations of a small-to-medium sized retail business. It lets you combine orders from multiple Web sources, traditional phone and mail orders and walk-in customers, and manage them all in one powerful program. Flexible and affordable, it streamlines your business processes while increasing your efficiency and capacity, which leads to greater profitability and the growth of your business.


Shopzilla is yet another marketing platform you can take advantage of with with IXXO. Join thousands of other sellers and offer your items to a significant market.

Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Shopping is growing larger every day, and thanks to IXXO's integration, you are never a step behind. Instantly offer your products to the Yahoo Shop customer base and increase you reach to market.

Pronto Shop

Pronto Shop is yet another marketing platform you can take advantage of with with IXXO. Join thousands of other sellers and offer your items to a significant market.


iDevDirect offetrs affiliate tracking software, giving you the power to promote you website through affiliate schemes."Adding affiliate tracking software to your website is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales, more traffic and better search engine ranking."

Dollar Days

Aimed at the US market, Dollar Days is a popular wholesale site with a large customer base. IXXO Cart, IXXO Cart Plus and IXXO Multi Vendor all allow you to integrate and publish your products on this popular site.


Shipwire allows you an easy way to get your products delivered. Manage your inventory in their global warehouse. Connect your IXXO Cart to Shipwire and focus on sales while they make shipping easy.


Doba has created a catalog with over 1.5 million brand name wholesale products from more than 150 hand-picked suppliers. As a Doba user you can basically pick and choose which products to sell, and when you do they will deliver. You get the sales price and pay Doba the wholesale price. IXXO will soon be fully integrated with Doba, giving you an easy way to sell the products you want.


Sage Peachtree is accurate, easy-to-use accounting software that provides the insights and control needed for businesses that are committed to getting the numbers right and improving results.