IXXO Cart Widgets

Social media has grown to become a serious tool in the merchant’s marketing arsenal.

IXXO Cart now provides an excellent opportunitity for merchants to gain favorable reviews and referrals by adding the IXXO Cart widget to social networking sites like Del.icio Reddit, Myspace, Facebook or into any website that allows posting HTML code, and provide the opportunity for brand exposure.

This is only just the beginning of a potentially powerful new way for IXXO Cart users to bring their goods and services out into the community, versus attempting to bring the community to the web store. Widgets also present a tremendous opportunity for smaller, ecommerce marketers to out-flank bigger brands and gain greater exposure. Although it is too early to gauge the purchasing effectiveness from ecommerce widgets across all industries, the concept has significant ramifications and is worth testing in 2010. 

Adding a widget couldn't be easier

To embed code for widgets - copy the code in to your Social Network or in to any website that allows posting HTML code:

You can get shopping cart widget code, for every product of your online store, from the product's edit page.

Here is how you can add the "Add to Cart" button:

  • Create a product in your IXXO Cart Store application and copy widget HTML-code
  • Embed this code to your website
  • All new orders will be reflected in your IXXO Cart Store
  • No need to write a singe line of code