IXXO Cart Security Features

IXXO Cart supports both CVV2 (3-4 digit Security Code) and AVS (Address Verification) in conjunction with your payment gateway. This feature reduces fraud by making sure that the customer has the card present during the transaction and verifies the shipping and billing addresses in real-time, with the address found in the issuing banks database. Depending on the gateway you select, the card also supports "Verified by Visa" through Cardinal Commerce.

  • If you’re using the licensed product, IXXO Cart will support all SSL protocols. Administrative Security Features Multiple Administrative Accounts
  • Set up individual administrative accounts and limit access to particular features within the cart
  • Control when your customers "go secure"
  • Chose between our standard checkout process or use the more secure "Complete" method
  • Complete cookie and session management
  • Control how long your customer and administrator sessions last
  • Block repetitive checkout attempts
  • Save on costly authorization charges by controlling how many times a customer may attempt to checkout
  • This also prevents "robots" from attempting to verify credit cards using your cart
  • Fraud Protection