So many features and so easy to use


Standalone, WordPress or Joomla

IXXO Cart is available in 3 versions that cover all the most popular ways of creating an ecommerce website.

  • Joomla - This version of IXXO Cart is available as Joomla component (2.5 and 3.x) and it is available in all 3 editions (Basic, Plus and Multi-Vendor)
  • WordPress – This version is available as a WP plug-in and it comes only as a Plus or Multi Vendor edition.
  • Standalone – This version of IXXO Cart doesn’t require any third party platform as it has its own CMS and covers everything in terms of design and functionality. It is also available in Plus and multi Vendor editions.

All three Versions of the IXXO Cart are basically the same in terms of features and functionality and the entire difference is in the platform being used and the edition.

Mobile Optimized

mobile template

We offer the mobile optimized templates for all our products and this is one of the strongest points of our offer when it comes to visual appearance. 

All e-commerce websites made by using our software are scalable and they will be displayed properly on any device, regardless of the screen resolution or the operating system your customers use. This will for sure keep them interested in your offer and they will not leave the e-shop only because they couldn't see properly what you have to show.

  • One website for both mobile and normal browsing
  • Provide a better user experience and increase usability
  • Increase your product reach


Shipping Management

The shipping management features of the IXXO Cart allow you to use almost any shipping option that is available across the globe and to send your sold goods to almost any destination in the world. Within the shipping management options you have at your disposal:

  • Real-time shipping quotes from UPS, USPS, Canada Post, FED-EX, Australia Post
  • Ship items in one order to multiple shipping addresses
  • Mark-up or discount rates from supported carriers
  • Prints USPS shipping labels
  • Use Amazon FWS (Fulfilment Web Services) to manage your shipping
  • Set custom handling fees
  • Create custom shipping methods
  • Calculate shipping costs by weight, quantity, region and more



shipping gateways

Drop Shipping

drop shipping

In cases when you have to deliver the goods from various sources to the single user the drop shipping is the feature that will solve all your logistic problems. This segment covers the following features and abilities:

  • Calculates shipping from multiple warehouses
  • Sends an automatic, customizable email notification to your distributor
  • Generates real time shipping rates
  • Unlimited drop ship locations
  • Ability to define shipping cost based on drop shipper location
  • Separates drop shipping products from other products in the order
  • Ability to assign drop shippers at the product level


Facebook Store

The ability to sell directly on Facebook is more than important. This is the social network that gathers millions of people and it is one of the best ways to sell your goods and find your targeted audience. The Facebook Store feature of IXXO Cart offers you the following advantages:

  • You can sell directly on Facebook, without the need for your potential customers to go directly on your website
  • It comes with no additional fees and any user of the IXXO Cart Plus or multi Vendor has the option to sell directly on the Facebook
  • A single click is all that is needed to publish any product from your IXXO Cart inventory to Facebook
  • Publish any category from your cart straight in to your Facebook shop
  • Your facebook shop functions as a part of your existing IXXO Store



Build-in Ticket Support System

support ticket-system

The ticket support system that IXXO Cart provides is the ideal way to solve all the disputes or pre-sale questions trade made over your ecommerce website. This covers the situations where one of the parties is not fully satisfied with the services provided, has pre-sale questions. IXXO Cart ticket system allows you to:


  • Solve any dispute the customers may have with your company
  • Have the real time insight in the problems that have occurred
  • Have disputes highlighted in the notifications area to ensure the momentarily response
  • Increase of the customers confidence based on the quick response
  • Escalate tickets to vendors


Loyalty Point System

Loyalty of your customers should be rewarded. Not only that this is the right thing to do but it is also one of the best advertising techniques when it comes to online trade. Our online point system offers you the following features:

  • Conversion rate of points to currency is set by the merchant
  • Customer can select the number of points to be converted
  • Customer can review number of points available to be converted
  • Mail is sent every month to the customer with available points and expiry time
  • The merchant can remove or add points manually to the customer
  • Merchant can exclude products for receiving points
  • Merchant can award users with free points when they register


loyalty points system

Product Returns (RMA)

product returns

Accepting returns or exchanges is a necessary component of good customer service. Returning the products that are faulty or that don’t meet the specified requirements is one of the backbone features of any successful ecommerce websites. The IXXO Cart RMA feature allows you to:

  • Automatically send the returned goods to the senders
  • Resolve the financial issues with the suppliers
  • To retain existing customers and encourage new customers
  • Reduce costs for processing product returns and lessen its impact
  • Designed for any type of vendors - Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers


Amazon Web Services

The Amazon Web Services are more than a necessity when it comes to the online trading. Simply said, the Amazon is so big and has such coverage that their services can’t be ignored if you wish to conduct a successful online trade. Amazon FWS is available within the IXXO Cart package and it allows usage of all its features through a very simple online tool. The basic services of the Amazon that IXXO Cart offers in its services package include:

  • Inbound Services – This covers the shipping and storage of your goods within the Amazon FCs
  • Outbound services – This allows you to ship your goods using the Amazon FWS
  • Inventory services – This allows you the tracking of all the goods you have in store and the real time update of the stock
  • Functionality – As these services have the real time update capabilities, you will have the full control of each segment of the trade, from ordering to shipping


Media Module

media module

Since the most of the modern ecommerce websites are much more than the simple trading platforms, you need to keep the pace in terms of multimedia presentation of your products. The IXXO Cart media module offers you the chance to:

  • Showcase and sell your music and videos
  • Allow your users to browse, play and purchase music
  • Create a seamless site using Joomla! or WordPress
  • Customers can browse your media in categories or by using the built-in search functionality
  • Preview music and videos with the easy to use built in media player
  • Users can purchase and download individual tracks or full albums
  • Fully integrated with IXXO Cart and so uses the full feature set including checkout and payment gateways


Payment Gateways

The payment gateways are more than an important feature. Simply because, some countries offer certain options while the same are not available in the next country. This is why it is important to have them all covered within a single ecommerce website.

IXXO Cart integrates with most of the Major Payment Processors and handles all technical part of the integration with all payment gateways that are supported. This means that if you want to receive payments through any payment gateway you have to get a merchant account with them first. After you get the merchant account credentials all you have to do is to add these details in your IXXO Cart backend payment gateway settings. That is all there is to it and you are ready to receive online payments.


moneris            google       usaepay         realex            beanstream             echo


PayPal Google Checkout AuthorizeNet SIM Authorizenet AIM
PaypalPro PaypalPro UK PayPal Adaptive Chronopay
Datacash DIBS ECHO Fast Transact
HSBC iTransact Inc. LinkPoint Moneris
NETbilling NTPNow protx PSiGate
Shift4 WorldPay Transaction Central VeriSign
ViaKlix YourPay VersaPay Bank of America
ClickandBuy Barclays ePDQ CPI and MPI Metacharge ANZ eGate
Payflow Payjunction Authorizenet Reccuring AuthorizeNet eCheck
Emporiki Bank USAePay SkipJack AliPay (China)
WinBank Eurobank DIBS Amazon FPS
La Caixa (cyberp@pac) NetCash (South Africa) BBS Netaxept (Norway) protx Direct
Paypal Reccuring SagePay Moneybookers Plugnpay
Beanstream Buckaroo Sage Payments VCS Payment
eWay UK eWay New Zealand eWay Australia Total Web Solutions



Paypal Adaptive Payments

The problem with multi vendor ecommerce website and the distribution of the money from the single order can be easily solved with the PayPal adaptive payments that is already integrated into the IXXO Cart multi Vendor edition. It offers the following features:

  • Pay anyone with an email address
  • Recipients without a PayPal account can create one in minutes
  • Receive payments from anyone
  • Customers, with or without a PayPal account, can make a payment as long as they have an email address
  • Chained payments. Send a payment to one individual, who in turn shares the payment with multiple individuals.
  • Split payments. Divide a payment among a number of individuals
  • Retrieve Foreign Exchange rates. Send a list of amounts and currencies and get the converted amounts for the requested currencies
  • IXXO Cart supports both PayPal Adaptive Chained, Chained Delayd and Parallel Payments



Marketing Tools


Besides the SEO and SMO, the paid marketing is the most important tool in expanding your online trading business. In the modern world of online trading there can be hardly any success without paid marketing campaigns. The IXXO Cart offers the following:

    • Google – The main tool that is available on the web is the Google AdWords and the IXXO Cart allows you to use the Google advertising within its system
    • Facebook Store – The tool that will allow you to trade on the biggest social network there is and with no additional fee at all
    • StoneEdge – The feature that will help you manage the entire process of the online trade
    • Shopzilla – One of the most potent online sources of customers. You will get the access to it by using the IXXO Cart
    • Pronto Shop – Same as Shopzilla, it allows you the access to millions of potential customers
    • iDevDirect – A software that allows you to track the shopping process from the very beginning to the very end
    • Dollar Days – This feature gives you the access to the sales aimed at the US market
    • Widgets - Embedded widget tool to make any blog or site into an e-commerce enabled site using dynamically created code snippets


Template Engine

One of our primary design goals is to facilitate the separation of application code from presentation. Typically, the application code contains the business logic of our application, written and maintained in PHP code. This code is maintained by programmers. The presentation is the way your content is presented to the end user, which is written and maintained in template files. The templates are maintained by template designers.

At its most basic function, the application code collects content, assigns it to the template engine and displays it  



Template Design (Storefront)


IXXO Cart gives you complete control over the design of your storefront. If you’re a beginner and don’t understand coding, just head straight to the "Appearance Settings feature. This module will assist you in creating a professional design without any HTML knowledge. Add your logo, add images to your store, add products to your home page, change layout, colors, boxes and more.

IXXO Cart comes with over 200 different sets of design options to give you virtually unlimited design possibilities. Additionally this area allows you to easily create and design more pages to add to your site