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IXXO Multi-Vendor Auctions Plugin

on Tuesday, 14 March 2017. Posted in eCommerce Blog, IXXO Cart New Features

IXXO multivendor auction plugin allows you and your vendors to set up a fully functioning online auction on your marketplace similar to eBay.

How our Auction feature can help your business

Online auctions are an alternative sales method that can enhance your business allowing you to reduce the levels of your surplus inventory, along with associated inventory carrying costs. Have you ever encountered problems disposing of seasonal, discontinued, or damaged goods? Some retailers have had to either keep such items in inventory indefinitely, or end up marking down the prices until the items are sold at a loss. IXXO’s auction plugin provides the ultimate sales tool enabling you to sell surplus inventory, often at a profit, and eliminate the expense of storing older merchandise. There are other benefits that having our auction feature can bring to your e-commerce business, by helping to expand your global reach opening international markets that would have been impossible to reach via normal marketing channels. Auctions can help sell your products or even discover the popularity of new products helping you to establish market prices based on supply and demand. By using online auctions to gauge interest in your products you can find out what customers are willing to pay for an item. Collecting such information quickly and informally, rather than investing in time-consuming and expensive market research.

Other benefits of using the IXXO auction plugin  

  • Simple to use  that you can put any product up for online auction
  • You set the rules for the auction without the risk of overpricing ournderselling
  • Create a user friendly environment for buyers to compete for great deals. Empowering your customers and actively involving them in the shopping process will help to increase your revenue and customer loyalty
  • A truly international auction as you can accept payments from over 90 different payment gateways including Pay Pal adaptive and Stripe. As well as real-time shipping quotes from over 60 providers including UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post and others
  • A powerful yet highly flexible auction management system that will allow you to add a product, product images, set the item condition, starting bid, minimum bid increment, auction end date and time, define your shipping and return policies, and publish the auction
  • Mail notifications feature allows bidders to keep track of the items that they are bidding for with notification emails to administrators and bidders to keep them updated with their auction status. This function automatically notifies bidders when they win or don’t win an auction, it will also notifies them if they have been out bid. All email notifications are full customisable as per your requirements
  • Easy to style and configure with full admin control enabling and disabling features such as the, price type including or excluding  taxes
Other features include, but are not limited to:
  • Buy It Now feature will allow you to move items fast to the cart
  • You can manually set the auction end date, or select an auction duration period to have the end date set for you automatically
  • Show the auction item condition
  • Define a reserve price for the item
  • Customisable countdown timer label
  • Allow Watch lists to help shoppers view products they might want to purchase
  • Set automatic “You’ve been outbid” notifications
  • Set automatic “Payment Reminder” notifications
  • Set automatic “Auction Ended” notifications
  • Set automatic “Auction Ending Soon” notifications
  • Set automatic “Auction Relisted” notifications
  • The plugins flexibility allows you to run regular auctions.
Plus, it’s backed by our excellent free support

IXXO Shopping Cart Plugin for WordPress

on Monday, 13 March 2017. Posted in eCommerce Blog, IXXO Cart eCommerce

IXXO Cart for WordPress is actually a WordPress plug-in that gives you the same ecommerce platform as the Joomla Edition but it works under the WordPress websites.

The IXXO Cart WordPress Plugin comes in two editions:
IXXO Cart Plus
IXXO Multi-Vendor

Creating a Web Store Using IXXO Cart Ecommerce

on Friday, 10 March 2017. Posted in IXXO Cart eCommerce, eCommerce Blog, How to Sell Online

Creating a web store using IXXO Cart

Starting an online shop can prove to be more than a good thing from the financial aspect. The modern trade is becoming more and more oriented towards the internet so it is to be expected that some serious money will flow on the online market in the years to come.

Getting a piece of that cake is more than tempting and it is not too hard starting a web store if you decide to get into business. There are a few things you would need to get the things going and acquiring a good dealer for the goods you wish to sell is one of them. Since there are a lot of producers who do not wish to run their own web store and some more that don’t rely only on their own web stores, this allows you to pick the categories of goods to sell in your web store pretty easily.

About IXXO Cart eCommerce Platform

on Thursday, 09 March 2017. Posted in eCommerce Blog, IXXO Cart eCommerce

What is IXXO Cart

What is IXXO Cart

IXXO Cart is a software solution that acts as an online catalogue of goods for sale and it is also a tool through which the sales are carried out. It covers virtually everything when it comes to the trade. You can use it to advertise and list your goods and then it covers the entire ordering process. That includes making orders, scheduling shipments and executing financial transactions. The entire process is carried out from a single centre and that allows the full control of all transactions.

Advantages of the IXXO Cart Multi Vendor

on Wednesday, 08 March 2017. Posted in eCommerce Blog, IXXO Cart eCommerce

Any ecommerce website is pretty much limited in terms of goods that are available for sale. Sometimes, when you are trying to make a good webstore you will face the problems you weren’t counting on in the beginning. Namely, most wholesale options don’t cover everything from the certain branch and they are mainly focused on certain brands and lines of products.

PayPal Adaptive and Facebook Store features of the IXXO Cart

on Tuesday, 07 March 2017. Posted in eCommerce Blog, How to Sell Online

Facebook Store - Paypal Adaptive

When it comes to the webstore design, there are some questions that need answering before you dig into such an endeavour. Besides the regular things you should keep in mind, such as reaching the clients and ranking well on the Google, there are some additional things that need to be taken into consideration as well.

IXXO Cart eCommerce Component for Joomla

on Monday, 06 March 2017. Posted in eCommerce Blog, IXXO Cart eCommerce

Compatibility: Joomla 2.5 and 3.x

This edition of IXXO Cart comes as a component for Joomla 2.5, 3.x. It can be fully integrated in any Joomla website and it is fully adaptable to any website style. This version operates ONLY under the Joomla websites and it comes in 3 different editions: 

IXXO Cart Basic 
IXXO Cart Plus 
IXXO Multi-Vendor