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Amazon FWS (Fulfillment Web Service) is of an essential importance for any successful e-commerce website. Simply, the Amazon is so large and they provide the variety of products in their offer that they can’t be avoided in any sort of online trading. They have the ability to store and ship products worldwide and that is the feature that simply has to be exploited. Amazon FWS is available within the IXXO Cart package and it allows usage of all its features through a very simple online tool.


Using Amazon FWS, the retailers can easily integrate their operations with the FBA system and that allows them automated processing of shipments to Amazon and further to the clients. Three APIs are allowing this high functionality and they are: inventory service, inbound service and outbound service.

Inbound Service

These services provide the opportunity to the retailers to create and send shipments to the Amazon FCs (Fulfillment Centers). It also covers everything from labelling to package slips. The US based retailers have also some special discounts based on the Amazon UPS rates for shipping.

Outbound Services

These services provide the opportunity to ship the sold goods using the Amazon FWS, regardless of the fact that they were sold through your website or any other channel outside the Amazon system. These services integrated into IXXO cart send the information to Amazon about your sold goods and they know exactly what to deliver and where to deliver. After the goods are sent to the customer, you can both track the data about it and the reports of the status of the shipment and predicted delivery dates are available. You also have an opportunity to brand your shipment through packing slips so the customer will know what he is receiving and from whom.

Inventory Services

These services allow you to track the quantity of your goods within the Amazon FCs. This is very important since it allows continuous tracking of the items in stock and appropriate listings on your website, including the availability of the product.